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TV Recorders, VOD, and Time-Shifting Servers

Offer what viewers want when they want

Our network PVRs and Point of Presence caching servers allows live channels time-shifting
as well as on-demand centralized recording of programs

IPTV VOD time-shifting koovik

We build your time-shifting and recording solution to your need to ensure a cost-effective roll-out, depending on your storage and playout requirements and growth plans, whether they are 100 or 100,000 users and whether they are one TV channel or 500 TV channels.

koovik IPTV Recorder and Streamer is a hybrid networked video recorder and VoD server.

The product offers time-shifting services ( pause and individual playback of recorded events ) and video or music on demand.

koovik IPTV Recorder and Streamer is easily set up via the web to record a selection of multicasts, each multicast represents a TV or radio channel. The Recorder maintains and stores historic electronic program guide (EPG) data which enable users to search and navigate in stored programs.

•  Fully digital. No any degradation of signal quality.
•  Direct integration to the Property Management System.
•  Direct billing of the content requested from the viewer.

IPTV VOD time-shifting koovik

Key Features
•  Front bezel with key lock for data security.
•  Front access USB port & serial console.
•  Supports one bay for a slim CD/DVD-ROM.
•  Up to Sixteen external 3.5-inch hot-swap HDD.
•  Lockable drive carriers for physical drive protection.
•  SAS Backplane supporting SAS and SATA disk drives.
•  SAS expander: Vitesse VSC7153 24-PHY SAS 3.0.
•  Three hot-swap middle fans for optimized cooling.
•  One internal 3.5-inch internal HDD.
•  Option 1: Two internal 2.5-inch internal HDD.
•  Option 2: Two 2.5-inch SFF SAS/SATA hot-swap HDD.

Power Supply
•  Hot-swap redundant high efficiency (>84%) power    supply (1+1 module) maximizes server protection.
•  Rear access power supply alarm reset.

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koovik IPTV nPVR/Combo
•  Dimensions: 4U(H) x 19"(W) x 413 mm(D)
•  Weight : 15kg
•  Power supply : 100-262VAC 500 W
•  Storage Capacity : 2 to 12 Terabytes
•  Streaming Capacity : Up to 700 Mbit/s
koovik IPTV nPVR-ICP
•  Dimensions: 132.5mm(H) x 482.6mm(W) x 700mm(D)
•  Weight : 29.4kg
•  Power supply : 800W high efficiency (>84%)
   1+1 hot-swap redundant PFC.
•  Storage Capacity : 8 to 48 Terabytes
•  Streaming Capacity : Up to 3000 Mbit/s
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