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Content and Subscriber Management System

IPTV Content and Subscriber Management system
Build on a central database where all information regarding
product purchases, product tiers, prices, customers, CPE etc. are stored.

Database driven by two separate web interfaces :

•  The User and Asset Organizer
•  The koovik IPTV koovik-shop

The User and Asset Organizer are used by the operator to define products and product groups, to define pricing and campaigns and to register new customers and new assets.

Changes are reflected on users' devices in near real time.

The koovik IPTV koovik-shop is used by the end customers to purchase products and subscribe to services.

This system supports a variety of business models such as pack subscriptions, a la carte subscriptions, pay per view and pay per quota.

Time shifting services such as nPVR and VOD is fully supported.

The User and Asset Organizer features :

•  Create, edit, delete and list new sites
•  Create, edit, delete and list channel packs
•  Create, edit, delete and list recorder quota
•  Create, edit, delete and list customer
•  Create, edit, delete and list CPE
   (Customer Premises Equipment)
•  Create, edit, delete and list movies
•  Associate CPE with customers
•  Grant customer access to products
•  Mass import of live TV channels
•  Mass import of VOD content
•  Mass import of end user data

The k-Shop features :

•  Login/Logout
•  Change password
•  List all purchases
•  List active TV channels
•  List active movie purchases
•  List active storage space
•  Purchase channel packs
•  Purchase movies
•  Purchase storage space
•  Print invoice
    The news section of the k-Shop is driven
    by a CMS system.

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Typical System Requirements
Up to 1.000 End Customers
•  HP ProLiant DL120 G5
•  1 Dual-Core Intel Core2 Duo
•  32GB RAM
•  2*72GB SAS/15k
Up to 10.000 End Customers
•  HP ProLiant DL380 G5
•  2 Quad-Core Intel Xeon 54xx
•  64GB RAM
•  4*72GB SAS/15k
Up to 50.000 End Customers
•  HP ProLiant DL580 G5
•  4 Quad-Core Intel Xeon 74xx
•  256GB RAM
•  16*72GB SAS/15k
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