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Building an IPTV system is a puzzle and requires both depth and broadness in know-how
IPTV all-in-one glue-less solution  koovik

A typical IPTV system consists of TV gateway technology, time-shifting technology, middleware, applications, a subscriber management system, a monitoring and control system, movie rental management, as well as user terminals.

Finding and qualifying suppliers of the above technologies and services, finding the system integration partner capable to integrate, test, deploy and maintain such an eco -system can be a challenging, expensive and lengthy process.

This is why koovik has developed an all-in-one IPTV solution aiming at the small and medium sized network operators with the ambitions to add modern and future oriented IPTV services to their customers.

From koovik you receive a state of the art IPTV system allowing you to offer advanced services to your customers including a la carte channel subscriptions, time shifting, electronic program guide, program recording, movie rental and more.

The koovik IPTV Content and Subscriber Management system keeps your back-office resource requirements to a minimum because the purchase of your products and services is done online by your customers, requiring no manual intervention.

The koovik IPTV Monitoring and Control System allows you to change channel lineup easily, and provides you with a near real-time overview of the quality of the IPTV channels in your network.

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Open and future proof
•  100% digital delivery chain.
•  100% HD compatible.
•  100% IP-based delivery.
•  100% browser-based GUI.
•  100% non-proprietary set-top boxes.
•  100% designed for the internet.
•  Graphic user interface in pipeline for:
    - PC
    - Tablets
    - Google Android Powered TV's
•  From 100 rooms Hotels to systems with up to 50.000 subscribers
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