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Your primary tool for branding your services and promoting your products

Brand your Brand

With a 100% web-based solution, the specifics of the customer equipment (set-top boxes, IDTVs or PCs) is removed and you can adapt the look and feel of the portal by using standard technologies like HTML, Javascript, CSS and Ajax.

koovik IPTV Portal is fully integrated with the koovik IPTV Service and Subscriber management system, allowing your customers to purchase your products directly from TV screens with the use of their remote controls.

For your customers, koovik IPTV Portal is the facade trough which they consume your products. With intuitive and quick navigation, advanced functions and context-sensitive navigation help, your customers will enjoy one of the most user-friendly TV services in the market.

Multi-site web CMS.

Customize your portal using :
•  CSS
•  Javascript
•  Ajax

Key Features

•  Main menu
   Acces to all portal pages.
•  TV channels page
   List of TV channels with program information.
•  Radio stations page
   List of available radio stations.
•  Settings
   Language settings and other user preferences.
•  Information
   HTML page available for the service operator.
•  TV favourites
   User's own favourite TV channels.
•  Radio favourites
   User's own favourite Radio channels.
•  Recordings
   Navigation in, and playback of recorded programs.
•  Video on Demand (VOD)
   Navigation in, and movies playback.
•  TV guide (EPG)
   Navigation in, program schedule and tagging for
   recording or reminder.
•  Program information
   Current program detailed information.
•  Reminder function
   To remind viewer about future programs.
•  Language override
•  Mini web browser
•  Messages
   Non intrusive or intrusive.
•  Access to koovik-cast

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koovik IPTV portal channels list TV Channels list
koovik IPTV portal EPG Electronic Program Guide EPG - Electronic Program Guide
koovik IPTV recorded programs browse navigation Recorded programs browsing with EPG
koovik IPTV video on demand VOD browse navigation rental VOD films library browse and rental
koovik IPTV portal wake-up Wake-up
koovik IPTV portal internet browser Internet browser for surfing the web on TV
koovik IPTV portal welcome message Welcome message
koovik IPTV portal guest messaging On-screen messaging
koovik IPTV add your own content Add your personalised own content
koovik IPTV portal customized Customized portal 1
koovik IPTV portal customized Customized portal 2
koovik IPTV portal customized Customized portal 3
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