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With, your user community has access to your IPTV products and services through a
web browser on their TV, PC, Tables, and Smart-Phones. is a browser-based user interface for IPTV services

Description is highly customizable, allowing installations of the system to be branded/ personalized based on the requirements of the customer. provides electronic program guide (EPG) information, multicast TV channels, multicast radio channels, recorded TV channels, movies and other digital assets to the end-users via a portal interface.

Key Features

Fixed-layout GUI elements:
•  Top Navigation Bar :
    Live TV, Live Radio, On-Demand, ...
•  Content Navigation Panel :
    Channel Carousel with channel icons.
•  Video Playback Window :
    The main video rendering element.
•  Site Navigation Menu :
    Information about current playing item.
•  Site Navigation Menu :
    Channel Organization and Filtering.
•  Category Menu Item:
    Sports, Movies, News...
•  Page Header and Footers :
    Header may include any logo.
    Footer may include logos and text.
•  Social Media:
    Displays related information from Twitter,
    Facebook and YouTube.

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IPTV customized iptv portal

Fully customizable portal interface :

Logos, images, channel icons and colours relating to all the presentation elements outlined above may be branded/personalized.

Available services can be enabled/disabled as required (e.g. Live TV, Live Radio, On-Demand).

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