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International koovik Movie Packages

koovik IPTV Movie Packages
A collection of Digital Films and Music that may be played in
non-theatrical premises such as Hotels and Hospitals


Films and music can be played according to a predefined schedule or on an-demand bases.

Content may be offered to guests or patients as a free-to-user service, as a Pay TV Service, or as a pay-per-view service.

The films and music must only be played to an individual or a small group of people.

Films or music in these packages CAN NOT be played in public locations within the premises.

The full terms and conditions of use are detailed in the koovik IPTV Content Contract.


Movies can be distributed online using koovik-cast on HDD.

koovik IPTV Movie Packages sound tracks

All movies are available with English soundtracks.

Where they have been made available by the studios, movies are available also French, German, Italian and Spanish soundtracks.

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koovik IPTV Movie Packages territories availavility

koovik IPTV has agreements with the studios to distribute films in most territories across the World except on the following countries:

•  United States
•  Canada
•  Iraq
•  Nigeria
•  North Korea
koovik IPTV Movie Packages available genre

A broad range of genre are available, including:

•  Action / Adventure
•  Adult
•  Animation
•  Comedy
•  Crime
•  Drama
•  Family
•  Fantasy / Sci-Fi
•  Horror
•  Romance
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Hollywood Film Packages

Films from the Hollywood studios are offered through two content packages.

Each package can be purchased with a different number of films.

The key difference between the packages is:

The time between the release date of the films and their inclusion in the packages.

koovik IPTV Movie Packages time release
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koovik IPTV New Current Film Movies Packages
"Current" Films

•  The most recent films in the "Current" package will be those released by the studios to hotels on the same date as their release on DVD.

•  Films in the "Current" package do not have to be protected using a content encryption system.
koovik IPTV Movie Film Library Packages
"Library" Films

•  The most recent films in the "Library" package will be those that have been available for at least 1 year since they were first released to hotels.

•  Films in the "Library" package do not have to be protected using a content encryption system.
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Key features:

The following features are common across all film packages:

•  Each package provides bundles of 24 or 48 films.

•  2 or 4 new films will be added to the package each month.

•  Each month the primary contact at the site, may select the films to be added to the package or follow koovik recommendation.

•  While it is common to take the most recent films available for each package, sites can choose any film from koovik catalogue, providing it is older than the most recent release date. This is useful for selecting films to match the site's audience.

•  Each package contains a variety of genre from Action, Adult, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction, Thriller and Kids.

•  All films are available with an English soundtrack but, when possible, they are also provided with French, Italian, German and Spanish soundtracks.

•  Films are delivered to each site on a monthly basis via the Internet or on physical media.

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