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Management, Monitoring and Maintenance

IPTV monitor and maintenance
Software Maintenance - 24/7 System Monitoring
Online Diagnostics - Incident Response

The koovik IPTV system comes with powerful tools for easy setup, maintenance and monitoring of your end user services.

Through a simple web-based interface, you can tune and arrange your radio and TV channels, upload your movies with the accompanying metadata, check the status of end user service quality through logging in to you private web page which contains a number of different graphical 'views' such as status map, service group details, host details, problems, ingest signals, output quality, usage patterns, system resource use, trends, availability, alerts and notifications.

Based on user-defined thresholds you get notified via mail or SMS messages about warnings or alert situations. With a centralized monitoring solution for multiple deployments, you stay in control and ensure carrier-grade service quality.

Provisioning features :

•  Channel list setup and maintenance
•  EPG aggregation and provisioning
•  Client boot software setup and provisioning
•  Selective channel encryption
•  Clustered configuration
•  Central back-up
•  Information multicast
•  Alerts and notifications
•  Auto-recovery options

Monitoring features :

•  Memory usage
•  System load
•  RAID integrity and BBU status
•  RAID fill level
•  Ingest signal quality
•  Service availability
•  Service quality
•  Status map
•  Usage pattern
•  Alerts and notifications

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koovik IPTV Monitoring memory usage Receiver Memory Usage
koovik IPTV Monitoring recorder disk usage Recorder Disk Usage
koovik IPTV Monitor recording playbacks Recording Playbacks
koovik IPTV Monitoring System Load System Load
koovik IPTV Monitoring Service Availability Service Availability
koovik IPTV Service Alerts Service Alerts
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