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IPTV on screen messaging non intrusive

The koovik messaging system provides both non-intrusive and intrusive real-time messaging directly to the TV screen of end users.

Messages can be sent both one-to-one and one-to-many from anywhere in the world.

A Message Feed is something like a "channel" which individual users can subscribe to and therefore receive messages from.
Examples of Message Feeds can be "Weather updates", "Plane time table updates", "Captain's message", "Ship owner information", "Today's menu".
The administrator will always have full control over which users will receive messages from any feed.

IPTV on screen messaging overview
Key features

Alternative methods of notification can be chosen, depending on urgency and importance of the message

These includes :
•  Popup Window.
•  Notification icon :
    An envelope on the user's TV screen
•  No notification :
    User has to visit the Message browser menu
    to see received messages.
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