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koovik-channel composer for Digital Signage

IPTV k--Channel composer for Digital Signage
k-Channel composer is an advanced web-based content management system
for professional Digital Signage applications.

The Application

The koovik-channel composer provides an easy to use graphical user interface for the creation and distribution of advanced info-channels based on a mix of local content, internet-based content and content from koovik's head-end live or recorded material.

The koovik-channel composer supports grouping of koovik-channel players and linking of defined info-channels to individual koovik-channels players or groups of players.

Info-channels created with the koovik-channel composer are transferred to and locally stored in the koovik-channel player-screens, thus securing continuous info-channel playback even in the case of network failures.

Key Features

•  WEB based CMS system
•  ASP Hosting Option
•  Highly Scalable System
•  Easy screen layout design
•  Playlist Scheduling
•  Player Management
•  Permission Manager
•  User and Client Manager
•  System Backup and Restore
•  Player Notification Module
•  Support for various Formats:
   - Text
   - Flash
   - HTML web pages
   - RSS Feed
   - Pictures
   - Slides
   - Video files
   - Live Video & Audio

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IPTV k-Channel composer for Digital Signage
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