HDMI DVB-T Modulator HDPro3

Delivering Digital HD Multimedia Across your Coaxial DVB-T/ISDB-T & Gigabit Ethernet Network

The HDPro3, is a professional-grade High Definition (HDMI or ASI) encoder packaged with a DVB-T/ISDB-T modulator and Multicast Streamer in a compact & wall mountable enclosure.

Its DVB-T or ISDB-T modulator makes the HDPro3 the ideal choice to capture any Live or Recorded HD audio/video source and encode it to a VHF or UHF digital multiplex.

Distribute trough a standard Coaxial Network, delivers the content to any outlet within Multi-storey Buildings, University Campus, Healthcare, Hospitality, Military installations, Digital Signage, etc.

The injection of HD content into the coaxial network, requires no cable modifications, and is flexibly expandable ( move or add more TVs at any time).

Using its built-in Multicast-Streamer the HD content can be injected and thus make it available within a Gigabit Ethernet or Wifi (dual band, 450 Mbps).

Making the HD video and audio available to any computer in the network is very interesting, not only for home use, but for professionals who need access to this content in their desktop or portable computer, as journalists, etc.

Multiple HDPro3 can be used in the same installation when more HDMI contents are needed.

Up to 1080p Top quality Top resolution. Not only breathtaking images but extremly fine resolution when displaying text messages in Digital Signage.

If you are a Set Top Box manufacturer, you can use it to test your devices up to 1080p.

Provided that you have the ownership rigths to do so, you can distribute the HD content inside your network or record in any DVB-T/ISDB-T or computer hard-disk.

With a high quality modulator and MER better than 42dB, the HDPro is targeted not only to MATV/CATV, the most demanding in-house installations, and in small broacast applications.

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Built-in Keyboard and LCD display

The HDPro3 has a built-in keyboard and LCD display for quick set-up requiring no additional tools.

Installer can select the appropiate Video and Audio Bit Rate, the Modulation Bandwidth, Constellation, Transmision Mode 2k or 8k, Guard Interval, Code Rate, RF Frequency and Level, the IP stream settings and network settings.

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Web based Network Management System

Extended functionality is available through the web based menus. Just connect your laptop to the NMS Ethernet connector (either directly or to your local network), type the IP adress in a standard browser, and you are in. No any software installations is required.

Using The NMS, installer has full access to all configuration parameters including NIT tables, LCN, etc.

Set-Up configurations may be stored in the computer disk and recalled for quick change of operations or quick set set-up in new installations.

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