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Creating is easy!

No need to coding

Building content slides has never been easier. Our drag & drop visual slide builder, also supports totally free, multiple content position and size placement. More than 200 image slide show 2D and 3D transitions ready to use. Shedule, displays and group display content management.
Are you an experienced coder who likes to trim every single detail? no problem, with koomunika designer you can also use your own html, css and js code.


Under the hood



Build from the simplest to the most advanced digital signs with embedded components!
- Photos
- Videos and live TV
- SlideShows with 3D effects
- Twitter, RSS
- Data Tables
- Clock
- Web Pages..
... and yes! you can also add your nice html animations.

Cloud Based!


"Ease of use, wide range of features, flexibility and realiability. Intuitively easy to use from the start. Helps to produce really impressive digital signs."

"koomunika CMS Designer is perfect. It's streamlined with your creative process when it comes to configuring beautiful, impacting, design elements on digital signage displays."

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A premium multi-purpose digital signage & corporate TV channel system.
Dynamic, eye-catching displays are becoming crucial for effective advertising in-store and on-site

Why choose koomunika?

You have a lot of reasons!


with stunning effects

animate slideshows with
  • more than 200 pre-defined 2D & 3D slide transitions.
  • Simply create a list of images, select the transition, or transitions you like.
  • That's it.
New Animation Engine
The LayerSlider Editor


focused on user experience & usability

Cloud based, smart & intuitive
  • drag & drop visual editor
  • Absolute free multiple zones position and size
  • Content library to upload images, videos, etc.
  • Zone Timeline with independent content selection
  • Manage and schedule from one to thousands of displays, or group of displays.
  • User management with content and displays permissions
  • & a lot more...


on each screen

Static and dynamic content...
  • photos, slideshows, videos
  • live TV programs, text, news RSS feeds,
  • twitter, meteo, data tables, clock,
  • calendars, web pages, time tables...
  • and even pure html, css, and js code…
Premium templates
Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates Premium templates


content to display

Show content across your managed displays
  • Create schedules and specify signs that will be shown
  • into an individual display or group fo displays.
  • You can reconfigure schedules at any time.


on all of your screens

Vertical or horizontal, big or small
  • full width, full size
  • looks and works perfectly on every device out of the box
  • use koomunika in your vertical, horizontal & special size displays
  • big screens in the lobby
  • small screens on elevator & conference rooms
any screen size
how it works


Hospitality Premium Corporate TV Channel

Your services promoted in each TV
  • Totally compatible with existing digital TV installation.
  • Just combine antenna signals with koomunika RF.
  • 1080p HD cristal clear images, videos and advertising texts.
  • Add as many corporate TV channels as you need.
  • Manage corporate channels for rooms and signage displays using the same koomunika cloud management.


Designer, Cloud Engine, Players

Cloud based management, content design, and schedule.
  • Low power, small size player with local storage.
  • Content is synced and stored locally.
  • Smooth play does not depend on fast internet *,
  • * for live content enough internet speed is required.
  • Manage one, multiple players or group of players in one, or multiple locations.
  • One user, multiple users, or group of users.
  • Different user profiles with different permissions…
how it works
Great Support


we care for our customers

  • you receive lifetime updates
  • we are here to help you with installation and configuration
  • hands on support with a dedicated team of professionals

Examples of how digital signage is being used


  • Use Active Digital Signage to Enhance Consumer Experience.
  • Help Customers to Make Better Purchase Decisions.
fruit shop
pizza signage


  • Create a unique customer experience and influence it’s ordering decisions.
  • Ease of menu changes, even from your mobile phone.


  • Combine Virtual Content with Physical Experience.
  • New ways to bring the virtual experience into the store to attract and keep customers
waiting room


  • Combine Live TV with your messages.
  • Reduce perceived waiting time.


  • Dynamic offer updates.
  • Multiple information in real time increasing business process efficiency.
  • Create Immersive Experiences.
fruit shop
conference room


  • Give instant visibility to your conference rooms events.
  • Manage your spaces from the cloud.



  • Up to 1080p 50fps HD resolution.
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet.
  • WIFI 2.4G + 5.8G IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.
  • 2 x USB.
  • 16GB internal storage.
  • 180x150x60mm/480gr


koomunika cloud designer & manager

myUSB Plan

No Monthly fees*

Use your local storage

  • Cloud Design Engine
  • No hidden fees
  • Upgrade anytime easily
  • 5MB cloud storage
  • USB local media storage
  • One user / One Player

Basic Plan

€10.00 €5.00 / Month* first year

Start from first display

  • Cloud Design Engine
  • Upgrade anytime easily
  • 600MB cloud storage
  • USB local media storage
  • 1 users / 1 Players
  • Technical support

Pro Plan

€20.00 €10.00 / Month* first year

Multiple displays & locations network

  • Cloud Design Engine
  • Free players update
  • 2GB cloud storage
  • USB local media storage
  • up 10 users / up to 100 Players
  • Technical support

Business Plan

Contact us

Large network / Special requirements

  • Cloud Design Engine
  • Free players update
  • Custom
  • USB local media storage
  • Unlimited
  • Technical support
  • Design Service

*Billed annually. VAT not included. Players not included

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