4STREAMPro6 4xDVB RF inputs to IP Streamer

DVB-S2, ITU J.83A(DVB-C), J.83B, J.83C or DVB-T/T2 and ASI IP Streamer

The 4STREAMPro6 is a professional IP Streamer.
Integrates four DVB-S2, DVB-C, QAM ITU J.83B, QAM ITU J.83B, or DVB-T/T2 (different model for each standard), one ASI and one IP inputs.
The embedded re-multiplexer provides a new Transport Stream with the required services received from different RF frequencies, ASI or IP input. PID processing, dropping and re-mapping.
Max. 128 PID's per input.
Four CAM CI slots for descrambling. Supports professional CAM modules to descramble multiple services (in the same input TS) simultaneously.
Two ASI and IP (1 MPTS and 8 SPTS, RJ45 100Base-T Interface Max. 100Mbit/s) simultaneous outputs.
Two separate IP ports. One for streaming and one for management.
Housed in a compact 19-inch 1U rack-mount chassis.
The 4STREAMPro6 is used in a wide range of applications including hospitality IPTV, campus, residential and regional networks, professional broadcast contribution, in-house signal distribution and routing.

4STREAMPro6 4xDVB RF inputs to IP Streamers

3 Models, 3 different types of DVB or QAM RF Signal

The 4STREAMPro6 Series family includes three models:

Built-in Keyboard and LCD display

The 4STREAMPro6 has a built-in keyboard and LCD display for quick set-up requiring no additional tools.

4STREAMPro6 4xDVB RF inputs to IP Streamers

Web based Network Management System

Extended functionality is available through the web based menus. Just connect your laptop to the NMS Ethernet connector (either directly or to your local network), type the IP address in a standard browser, and you are in. No any software installation is required.

Using The NMS, installer has full access to all configuration parameters including NIT tables, LCN, etc.

Set-Up configurations may be stored in the computer disk and recalled for quick change of operations or quick set set-up in new installations.

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